Tara Sitara Banner’s first produced movie “Dhun” is preparing to be released. It’s in the final stages of post production and it’s being prepared to be released all over the country in Bhadau 25, says the film maker Sushil Shah. Currently Classic universe which is located in Anamnagar is busy with the post production activities of this movie. In the movie Jiwan Luitel, Mukesh Dhakal, Nita Dhungan, Uma Giri baby and other actors are acting informs the producer Krishna Poudel.

After its establishment in the year 2000, Classic universe has been providing courses in various areas of filmmaking. Shyam Raja Shrestha who works for this company had taken classes taught by Pratap subba and other classes taught by Kamal Rai. Up till now he has worked in various television shows, videos, short movies. He has also worked as an actor in some plays and television shows. Currently he works as a director in the Nepalese film industry. He has also worked as Co-director for Nepali movie produced from Sikkim and Darjeeling where famed movie director Pratap subba was the Director. Currently he’s also works in film editing, recording and mixing.