Classic Cine Universe Pvt. Ltd. is being registered with Ministry of Industry, Company Register Office under the company act 2053 B.S. (1996 A.D.) with the major objective of providing career oriented service to the people who are interested in joining entertainment segment sight and sound, art and culture, acting and melodrama, dancing, stage performances, music etc.

This Classic Cine Universe Pvt. Ltd. established in 09/08/2057 B.S.(Fri/Nov/2000) with the sole intention of enhancing the treasure of Nepalese history, culture, heritage and our moral social value. Audio-Visual media plays a powerful role in spreading all kind of message to the vast audiences and viewers all around the world.


The main scope to attract who like to join film industry and field related to the making career in dancing, acting, direction and music etc.

Further objective of this institution in short are as follows:

  • The main objective is to train them to play various instruments
    of music.
  • To train them in classic and modern style of dancing.
  • To make art and commercial movies, tele-films, serials, documentary films highlighting Nepalese culture, history and social standing of different communities residing in hills and tarai parts of our country.
  •  Its main objective is to provide technical staff, musical instruments, accessories related to the films, documentary in hire if required.
  • Its major and utmost objective is to build a widely and urgently needed and required film studio with facility required for shooting all kinds of movies herein Nepal.

To achieve these above -mentioned objectives this institution has got the services of highly talented professionals who need no introduction. They are though expert in their respective field. They have spent their greater parts of their life into this field.


This institution is led by highly professional manager, also a M.D. Mr. Dinesh Singh Mahara who is genius in their respective area of management with their vast experiences with the industry. Future of this institution always remain bright and it can fulfill the commitment in made in its objective it will cater the long awaited requirement of this type of industry in Nepal.


When this institution was established, it has full of highly talented technical personnel each and every field was handled by professionals, trainer like Mr. PratapSubba, a renowned screen play writer, script writer and who is rated as one of the best in the industry.
Likewise Mr. Kamal Rai a dancing genius needs no introduction in his field of dancing.
Likewise other talented people Mr. Deepak Dhakal in the field of Nepali film also renowned person in his field of cinematography.
Likewise another talented people Mr. NorbuTshering in music heading other music department with competitive to the utmost satisfaction of the trainees in each field.